About Cas di Wichi

CasdiWichi is a charming Cunucu house, in a quiet Oranjestad neighborhood, off the high-rise resort area. It was lovingly remodeled and restored by a local business woman who moved to the island more than 30+ years ago.

Cunucu means countryside in Papiamento, the language of the island. It also means country-home. A typical Cunucu residence would have a water trapping slanted high roof, thick coral rock walls and small windows to fend off the heat and a simple layout to ensure the proximity of all family members. Cunucu also implies living close to the land, with a modest fruit and vegetable garden, some livestock and if
lucky, a well.

CasdiWichi today enjoys a small garden reception area, leading to a large high-ceilinged kitchen with a spacious cooking-island, and all the bells and whistles of a professional chef’s kitchen. To the right, the art room, nicely stocked with arts and crafts supplies, modern restroom facilities and facing the garden, the great glass sliding doors leading to the outdoors.

The fully landscaped tropical garden is the focal point of the residence. It is graced by a free form swimming pool, and a great number of comfortable sitting areas, a flowering herb garden, and a beautiful authentic wooden gazebo. The venue is perfectly suitable for entertainment of groups of all sizes.

CasdiWichi is the private home of a young woman who first came to Aruba 30+ years ago. She was already an accomplished businesswoman in the worldwide shipping industry. But landing on One Happy Island as a permanent resident sparked a new interest in her. The tourism industry here was in its diapers and Villacres saw the opportunity to make the island a group travel destination, before anyone else thought of bringing MICE travel – companies choosing Aruba for their meetings, incentive travel programs, conferences and exhibitions, here.

Over the past 31 years CEO DMS has successfully served the island’s tourism trade and its local community and as part of its anniversary celebration in 2017, opened Cas Di Wichi, the historical country home, as a diverse and interactive event venue designed to introduce visitors to everything Aruban.


Guest are invited for an interactive experience in the nicely stocked art room, under the direction of a local artist. Classes include painting and craft making, in accordance with local artisan heritage, with items made of natural materials.

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Cooking classes at Cas Di Wichi are as entertaining as they are informative. They all take place in a state-of-the-art kitchen. The expert chefs cook exhibition style and include guests in all aspects of food preparation, sharing the history of the dish, its technical aspects and the degree of difficulty. They also willingly share the compliments at the end of the evening. Meals are prepared with
local ingredients, and guests learn how to use those in their kitchens back home. Guests also receive a cook book full of local recipes at the end of the culinary experience.

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The fully landscaped tropical garden is the focal point of the residence. It is graced by a free form swimming pool, and a great number of comfortable sitting areas, a built in BBQ pit, a flowering herb garden, and well-equipped bar. The venue is perfectly suitable for entertainment of groups of all sizes, from seated dinner to cocktail and farewell parties.

The flowering herb garden contributes generously with fresh ingredients for the cooking classes.

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Types of Events

Cocktail Reception

Garden events with butler passed hors d’oeuvres allow guests to move freely, network with other guests and explore the tropical landscaping. The bar guarantees flawless service, with customized set up, food, entertainment and décor.

Dinner Party

The garden may be set up with round tables of ten, from formal to casual table top setting, including customized menu, table center pieces, entertainment, and décor with a choice of international and local menus.

Product Launch

Cas Di Wichi is perfectly positioned to provide the ideal backdrop for a new product launch with customized bar set up, food, entertainment and décor.

Fashion Show

The Cunucu residence may accommodate fast changing facilities while the garden may be set up with a professional catwalk and the clothing dramatically illuminated, for a visual feast.

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Spousal Program

Art & Cooking classes may contribute to an entertaining and interactive spousal program where guests are treated to a unique, customized activity while their spouses attend a business conference.

Cultural Experience

Music, dance, storytelling, Cas Di Wichi easily taps into the island’s cultural treasures to share them with guests at a beautiful venue, enhancing the island experience by mean of transformational interactions with contemporary artists who live and create here.

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